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Hi, I'm Bob Eggleton and this is my painting and "life in general blog" but mostly paintings. Usually they're for sale. Anyway, if you like something contact me at and ENJOY!!

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I am a Hugo award-winning fantasy/SF artist who works on both publishing projects and film concept work(such as Jimmy Neutron and most recently, The Ant Bully) but I have a passion for landscape work, small paintings and exploring the properties of paint. This blog will mostly showcase my "painting-for-the-day" as kind of a personal voyage. I'll also be inserting sketches,photos and ideas of projects I am working on, that I can, when I can, so look for those every so often(usually as paint is drying!)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!! we say from The Land of Lovecraft(Providence) NAH-FUYAGGA SCRIIIYANG!!!! (Official translation done at Miskatonic University). Here's that BIG Lovecraftian oil painting I did-more than inspired in content and lighting, by both Gustave Dore and Arnold Bocklin, of the Unamable One(not on Halloween will I even dare utter his true name lest I invoke his slimey wrath!) for the Brian Lumley(I can name him okay) book coming from Subterranean Press and Solaris Books(Brian's UK Publisher) for the MYTHOS 2 collection. Enjoy and take your ghoul to dinner, just make sure YOU aren't the dinner.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job, Bob! Cthulhu at his best; in tranquil contemplation as he sits peacefully in your nicely interpreted vision of R'lyeh, with derelict shipwrecks giving a sense of scale.

10:57 PM  
Blogger Bob Eggleton (Zillabob) said...

Thanks! I REALLY liked doing this one, and had ideas in my head from some time ago, to do it just this way.

7:57 AM  
Blogger Lou Anders said...


10:28 PM  
Blogger Bob Eggleton (Zillabob) said...

Thanks Lou. This was a hit at WFC as well. George Mann just about imploded when he saw it.

10:36 PM  
Blogger TinmanSF said...

Hey Bob, this painting has nice everything!

6:43 PM  
Blogger Bob Eggleton (Zillabob) said...

Thanks Eric. This is one of the three best I have done this year. Came out EXACTLY how I "saw" it.

7:21 PM  

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