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Hi, I'm Bob Eggleton and this is my painting and "life in general blog" but mostly paintings. Usually they're for sale. Anyway, if you like something contact me at and ENJOY!!

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I am a Hugo award-winning fantasy/SF artist who works on both publishing projects and film concept work(such as Jimmy Neutron and most recently, The Ant Bully) but I have a passion for landscape work, small paintings and exploring the properties of paint. This blog will mostly showcase my "painting-for-the-day" as kind of a personal voyage. I'll also be inserting sketches,photos and ideas of projects I am working on, that I can, when I can, so look for those every so often(usually as paint is drying!)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Went out for a quick paint-out...

The Jutting (8x10, oils, $100)
I told you I would be getting out of doors to paint this week.....
I painted this one en plein air, this week out on Jamestown. Just a fantastic evening with low sun and the weather was nice. Too nice! It was blowing up a good wind, and thus it's hard to set up the guerilla paint box that well in such conditions. Also, a guy decided to stand on the rock I was painting and fish! I left him out but he made for a good scale comparison. The sea was high and we had some nice waves. Part of me really had to fight to get into the "mood" to do this as I had been a bit tired this week. I timed myself to an hour on this and after 40 minutes I wanted to leave well enough alone, and signed it. Came out fairly nice all things considered-I dropped my brush several times. I most like the way the ocean came out, with regard to that murky color the Atlantic tends to be, particularly over the top of the rock . Ah, the problems painting plein air, that we face sometimes. And to solve them, we just paint time!


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