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Monday, February 11, 2008

Left Us....

This weekend, it appears we lost two fine people in the arts and with movie careers...

John Alvin-the "other" poster artist of the 1980's(Drew Struzan being the first) who did such iconic PAINTED posters for BLADE RUNNER, E.T. and hosts of other films,passed away from an apparent heart attack. He was 59-frighteningly young. His work inspired a number of us in the day and, it was what was to be some of the last painted movie poster art done. Here's a gallery of some of his amazing posters-

And, Roy Scheider who was always one of my favorite actors with iconic roles in JAWS, THE SEVEN UPS, ALL THAT JAZZ and, 2010 as well as the TV Series SEAQUEST DSV. He was an active supporter of the arts. Two people who, in their work, affected me in positive ways. I had a strange encounter with Scheider some years ago-I walked right into him in a street in NYC as he stopped and turned to get a paper. He apologized but so did I and I told him I enjoyed his work which is the best compliment you can give an actor.

A better write up is available here:

And not to forget, Barry Morse, star of The Fugitive, and of course, the sci fi series SPACE:1999 died the other week at 89, in London. I had a chance to meet Barry in 1982 and, we both agreed on our favorite episode of Space:1999-"The Black Sun". He was a charming and gracious person and made this world-or any-a better place.

Inspires all of us to live in the moment and reach for great things.

They'll be missed.


Blogger Chris Jouan said...

Drew Struzan was more visible for me but I had no idea of all John Alvin posters I recognized.

One of my favorite lines from almost any movie was Chief Brody's words after seeing the shark for the first time. -- "We're gonna need a bigger boat!" I thought Seaquest DSV was classier because he was on it.

As for Barry Morse.... I only really knew his Space 1999 role but he played it so great. He was the template for the intellectual scientist in my mind.

Definitely all talents to be missed.

3:56 PM  

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