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Hi, I'm Bob Eggleton and this is my painting and "life in general blog" but mostly paintings. Usually they're for sale. Anyway, if you like something contact me at and ENJOY!!

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I am a Hugo award-winning fantasy/SF artist who works on both publishing projects and film concept work(such as Jimmy Neutron and most recently, The Ant Bully) but I have a passion for landscape work, small paintings and exploring the properties of paint. This blog will mostly showcase my "painting-for-the-day" as kind of a personal voyage. I'll also be inserting sketches,photos and ideas of projects I am working on, that I can, when I can, so look for those every so often(usually as paint is drying!)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The start of a cover....

Castle and the Harpist(8x10, oils, SOLD) This is the start of a book cover I'm working on. Basically it had to show a forboding castle tower and some "dragon clouds" and this fellow playing a Celtic harp. This presented alot of problems in creating a balance and at the same time, resisting a "stacked" look to the composition. I also wasn't sure how much I could play up the I went with subtle(more in a minute).
It was all coming together rather nicely and then I realized that even though I wanted the castle tower to relate to the guy in the forground(it is of importance in the story, I guess), I felt like it was too simple. So I started playing up a curvy tree and the colors of the flowers, etc around it. Kind of a nice contrast, that being he's creating music that's colorful and rich yet the presence of the castle stands in the background.
Then the art director-who's terrific to work with-suggested I COULD play up the dragons more "realistically". So for the final that's just what I will do.
A note here-the sketch is for sale, but if you buy and pay for it, it will be at least a couple of weeks before I can send it out to you! Enjoy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you're finishing the trilogy with Joanne! It's been 9/10 years (too long) since her first 2 Dragonlord books - also cover work of yours :)

9:16 PM  
Blogger Bob Eggleton (Zillabob) said...

Thanks Tom! I'm kind of stunned that indeed after...oh, yeah nearly onky a decade...I got back to this. Or it came back to me. WHichever. It should be a nice piece to do.

7:09 AM  

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