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Hi, I'm Bob Eggleton and this is my painting and "life in general blog" but mostly paintings. Usually they're for sale. Anyway, if you like something contact me at and ENJOY!!

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I am a Hugo award-winning fantasy/SF artist who works on both publishing projects and film concept work(such as Jimmy Neutron and most recently, The Ant Bully) but I have a passion for landscape work, small paintings and exploring the properties of paint. This blog will mostly showcase my "painting-for-the-day" as kind of a personal voyage. I'll also be inserting sketches,photos and ideas of projects I am working on, that I can, when I can, so look for those every so often(usually as paint is drying!)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ad Astra!

I did this as a small painting, something to take to Lunacon for sales in the "lower" budget arena. Thing is, it'll be part of the Heinlein book I did the other piece for, and, I liked this composition so much, that I want to make it as a large 24x36 inch painting!! Enjoy!
Update: I sold this at Lunacon, but more to come....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I doft my hat to you sir, being of such calibre to paint a starfield with a real brush!

5:04 PM  
Blogger Julie Rodriguez Jones said...

Great colors. Great massive rock which give a wonderful sense of scale.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Bob Eggleton (Zillabob) said...

Ian-thank you so much! Yeah, it's even harder to do these in oils as well!

Julie-thanks, that was the general idea I wanted to get across. Now I want to make it bigger!

5:53 PM  
Blogger Joe Meils said...

Bob, one of these times, when I see you at a con, we need to sit down and talk about rock textures. I just can't get very good results except using a bizzare "scrape away" technique. (Gives a very odd, "Forbidden Planet" feel to them, but i'm having a devil of a time establishing aireal perspective, and variation.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Bob Eggleton (Zillabob) said...

Hi Joe! I'd be thrilled to help out. Painting rocks and stuff is quite easy, on this I used a palette knife more than just a bit..I created-fast-an intersting shape and worked with it!

7:06 PM  

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